Saturday, December 27, 2008

PGP Game: Lava Mortus Review

TK's PGP Score: 4.25 is a new site that I've stumbled on where you can play, review and actually compete for $$ in online games.  Here is my first review for the site.  Please be aware that I'm reviewing these games in relation to the selection on PGP.

OK, since this may be the only horror themed game on PGP, you really don't have any other choices, but this is still a really good game.
Great flash cinematic scenes.
You can level up and distribute attribute points.
Many weapon types.
Randomly generated levels.
Fast action.
Horror themed.
Mouse control is responsive.
Different enemies require different strategies.

Should be able to reassign keys (If you're QWES player, it hurts).
Really should have gamepad support.
Voice for the storyline cinematics would be nice.
Would like more environmental interaction.
Randomly generated levels.

No jumping   :(

Play or stay?