Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Borderlands Review

3.5/5 Stars

Cool classes with individual skills. Skill trees allow for some good customization.
Combat is some of the best FPS combat out there. It's fast, furious and intense.
Loot system is one of the best out there.
Good value for the money--lot's of gameplay.
Some good voice acting and some good individual NPC's.
Good humor.
Multiplayer is perfect for this game.
Really cool comic book aesthetic.
Good audio.
Vehicles (not the controls) are cool and add a good dynamic.
Claptraps are funny.

Missions are basically go kill this.
Gets repetitive after a while.
Many of the boards feel pretty similar.
Beyond important NPC's, everybody is the same.
World feels very static--it doesn't feel lived in at all.
Vehicle controls are TERRIBLE!
Can't customize character beyond weapons and class.
Claptraps can get annoying (am I contradicting myself?)

Can jump freely!